I'm a digital designer based in Orange County, California, passionate about creating intuitive, empathetic designs.

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About Me ⌨️ 🎨 🐶🎶🎮

Hi, I'm Annie. I'm a self-directed experience product designer and design generalist who specializes in creating effective and compelling products and websites.

With a background in cognitive science and computing, I strive to use my technical and interpersonal skills to connect to users around the world through intuitive design.

Constantly searching for the next exciting thing, my favorite hobby is finding new hobbies and planning what country I should travel to next.

I am a lover of dogs, people, art, computers, music, and video games. You can often find me crocheting, illustrating, petting my Chihuahuas, playing on my Nintendo Switch, or lubing switches for my mechanical keyboards collection.


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